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1. Where is your institute situated?

A. We are physically situated in Faridabad. However, we run offline and online batches, primarily online. Therefore, the location is not a constraint. If you're in Faridabad and want to meet 1:1, feel free to visit us.

Please find the location below.

2. What do you teach to kids?

A. We focus more on daily conversations and give everyday vocabulary. In addition, we have them perform practical exercises to boost their confidence. We train them in soft skills, conversational English, phonetics to clear their speech, reading skills, listening English, basic grammar, and role play.

3. My online payment was not successful.

A. You can pay in various payment modes. Please use another if one doesn't work.

Paytm @ 9871796857

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Google pay @ 9871796857

4. What kind of experience and qualifications do your teachers have?

A. Our teaching team comprises a diverse and varied group of English speakers with the knowledge, skills, and experience to develop our learners' language communication skills and learning strategies. Teachers and trainers are fully proficient in English.

In addition to a first degree, they all hold international English language teaching and online teaching qualifications and additional qualifications.

5. How many students are in a class and how will U communicate with them?

A. To ensure that each student has ample time to practice in class and gets individual attention from the teacher, we have a maximum of 5 to 7 students in a class. You will meet and interact with your teachers and classmates using your mic and speakers during the live online sessions.

* The fee structure varies based on the number of students allowed in a class.

6. Can  I get a demo session of the course?

A. No! We work with a person one-to-one. We analyze his needs, improve areas, and accordingly guide them to bring the best result, and that requires common interests; we change our teaching style as per the person. Thus, the demo won't be practical; we have done this with many people. We have good teaching experience and transformed many lives.

7. I am looking for a Spoken English Course.What is the best option for me?

A. Our courses will help you develop your speaking skills and confidence. You will get extensive opportunities during the live classes to practice your speaking skills and receive feedback from the teacher. You will develop your fluency, vocabulary, and pronunciation through the course, which is very important to help you become a better speaker.

8. Will I improve my grammar and vocabulary with this course? 

A. Our courses will help you improve your grammar by introducing you to phrases you can easily use and be fluent in, especially in presentations, interviews, group discussions, extempore, conversations, etc. You will get vocabulary with plenty of interactive exercises for practice, guidance, and feedback from your teacher.

9. Is the Spoken English course online different from the one I take in person? 

A. The difference is only in the delivery mode; however, the content will be the same.

10. Will I receive individual feedback? 

A. You will get plenty of opportunities during the live classes to practice your speaking and receive feedback from the teacher.

11. Will these courses help me with specific skills like presentations and interviews etc? 

A. Through the Spoken English course, you will thoroughly understand how to do better in group discussions, presentations, extempore, and interviews and overall build your communication skills along with accuracy and fluency to converse in English. You can apply this to various situations and present your ideas more confidently and clearly.

12. Do we have live classes, or do we get recordings of classes in these courses? 

A. You will get live classes.

13. I am looking for a longer course. What are the options for me? 

A. We have two modules at every level. You can sign up for either one or two modules on the website and choose your preferred course start time. After you complete one module, you can sign up for another module within the same level. We encourage our students to continue their learning so they can progress in their language skills by re-registering for further courses.

14. What are the course timings? 

A. We have a range of timings for each module available from morning to evening, with live online classes on weekdays or weekends. Click on 'Register' to know more about the classes now to see the course timings. Please note that once you have selected the date and time, you cannot change them.

15. Can i change my course date after enrolling in it?  

A. Our courses have various weekday and weekend options, so please choose your course timing carefully. However, we are flexible and supportive in emergencies and, at the same time, recommend choosing time wisely. You might have to wait to change the course date after enrolling for it.

16. How do I decide if I want to do a shorter or longer duration course?  

A. The choice, of course, will be based on your learning need and the pace at which you need to complete the course, e.g., if you have an interview or an urgent travel assignment to a new location, you may want to complete the course fast; however, if you are a working professional, you may only be able to do two classes in a week. If you wish to discuss the options, don't hesitate to contact our teachers; they will be happy to assist you.

17. Can I speak to a teacher before I enroll?  

A. A counseling session is given for all the discussion so you can ask your query.

18. Is there any discount for two people joining from same family or group of friends? 

A. We believe in delivering quality and keeping course fees nominal.


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