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Do you hesitate, shiver, or sweat when asked to speak?
Do you want to conquer stage fright and speak confidently?
Do you have sufficient Vocabulary for your oral communication?
Do you sound natural or friendly in English?
Is your English causing you success?
Confident You!

If you experience any of the above, Join NATANEOS and get on a journey with us, transforming an unconfident YOU into a confident YOU. We will help you improve your communication skills, control and overcome fears, and build confidence so you can grab opportunities to get all the success ahead. Do not procrastinate, Don't let the old habits win over you; Register here and take the step to learn communication and excel in life.

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Spoken English Course (Beginner)

Spoken English Course (Beginner)

It is a must-have English Grammar course for complete

beginners in English.

Who is it for: This course is for a person who doesn’t know 

Grammar, hesitates to speak in English, cannot utter a word in public and thinks he cannot learn English.

How this course will benefit you: This course will teach you

English Grammar and enable you.

  1. Speak English in your day-to-day life.
  2. Develop basic Vocabulary, which is a prerequisite to start speaking English with confidence.
  3. Tips and Tricks to boost confidence and invigorate thought processes.
  4. How do you describe things and make them interesting?
  5. How do you introduce yourself?
  6. How do you ask and answer questions?
  7. Basic English Grammar is explained in an easy way with tons of examples.
  8. Develop your listening skills.
  9. Home assignment-worksheets.

Spoken English Course (Intermediate)

Spoken English Course (Intermediate)

Who is it for: It is a must-have Spoken English course for those who want to reach the advanced level of Spoken English language.

How this course will benefit you: This course will focus on the intermediate level of English Grammar and help you practice English language conversations as much as possible to enable you.

  1. Tips and tricks to face and remove public fear.
  2. Sharing experience/ opinions-speaking practice.
  3. Interview Preparation.
  4. Just a minute (JAM) session
  5. Group Discussion.
  6. Speak with Confidence.
  7. Speak correct and better English.
  8. Ignite thought process.
  9. Sentence structuring.
  10. Develop intermediate-level Vocabulary.
  11. English Grammar is explained in a simple and intuitive way with tons of examples.

Spoken English Course (Advanced)

Spoken English Course (Advanced)

Who is it for: It is a course for those who want to speak fluently in English.

How this course will benefit you: This course will focus on enabling you to speak with conviction and complete confidence.

  1. Expressing your POV (point-of-view) with ease.
  2. Tools and Tips that will ignite thoughts and ideas to speak impromptu.
  3. Ability to be succinct.
  4. Ability to tell a story.
  5. Audience awareness.
  6. Voice Modulation.
  7. Fluency in Spoken English.
  8. Connect with audience.
  9. Public Speaking.
  10. Being Yourself.

Complete Grammar Course

Complete Grammar Course

Who is it for: Grammar is essential for a language; it is the foundation. It is a must-have if you want to speak and write grammatically correct English and take your Grammar from basic to advance.

How this course will benefit you: This course will focus on learning grammar from basic to Advance to understand correct sentence structuring, compound, and complex sentence. You'll get ample exercises to practice and perfect all parts of speech, using the right voice to articulate and strengthen your foundation.

  1. Practice English Grammar.
  2. Learn all parts of speech in English.
  3. What are nouns and adjectives?
  4. What are Verbs, Adverbs, and Verbals?
  5. What is the subject-verb agreement?
  6. Which tense should you use in a given scenario?
  7. What are various Sentence Types and structures?
  8. What are conditionals?
  9. Narration, Active and Passive Voice, Determiner. 
  10. Things you should know about Subject and Predicates, Pronouns, conjunctions, and Interjections.
  11. English Grammar is explained in a simple and intuitive way with tons of examples.

Professional Skills

Professional Skills

Who is it for: It is a must-have if you are a working professional struggling to articulate your message right. You don't know how to handle difficult conversations, convince leadership and client, and express concepts as clearly and fluently as you want.

How this course will benefit you: This course will enable you with tools that will help you design your message that is easy to conceive, present your ideas succinctly, communicate about your work and promotion discussion with confidence, facilitate meetings, and gain or regain authority.

  1. Facilitation Skills.
  2. Story Telling.
  3. Public speaking.
  4. Email Writing.
  5. Reports Writing.
  6. Blogging.
  7. Master impromptu communication.
  8. Gain/Regain Authority and handle difficult conversations.
  9. Sounding like a leader.

Vocabulary Booster

Vocabulary Booster

Who is it for: Vocabulary is essential for effective communication, whether oral or written. It is a must-have if you struggle to speak the language due to insufficient Vocabulary. If your effectiveness and fluency in communication are interrupted due to a lack of words. Lack of Vocabulary causes a significant communication barrier to you.

How this course will benefit you: This course will help you develop basic vocabulary, a prerequisite to start speaking English confidently. You're going to increase your vocabulary to an advanced level. We will give you useful powerful words that you can use in everyday conversation in various contexts. So, you're able to communicate effectively and naturally.

  1. Vocabulary for 8th grade to 12th grade and Job seekers.
  2. Advanced Vocabulary for professionals.
  3. Essential day-to-day Vocabulary.
  4. Theme based Vocabulary.
  5. The vocabulary to define professions.
  6. The vocabulary based on connotation and Denotation.
  7. The vocabulary of Quality and Amount.
  8. The vocabulary of various Scenarios (Geometry, Geography, Humanities, Society, etc.).
  9. Distinguish between homophones and other words which are often confused.
  10. Base Words and Words Roots, Word Families, Prefixes, and Suffixes. 

Learn the words by completing definitions, context clues, and word parts exercises. Track your progress by using the chart.


happy Client

Our Specialty is Individualization: Each person is unique and has unique qualities. We appreciate the unique characteristics of each person and can customize their approach accordingly.

We instinctively observe each person's style, each person's motivation, and how each thinks, and then we help draw out the best in each person.

We are committed to results and transformation. Likewise, we give such tips to learners that are easy to absorb and practice; as a result, they gain confidence and feel the change.

Our focus is primarily on the competencies of the candidate. So being aware of what drives us, our goals, and motivates us helps the candidate be cognizant of his own strengths and weaknesses. 

In addition, it helps him understand the context, the social environment, the physical environment, and the space in which he interacts with other people.

When people know their improvement areas, and they get to know the correct practices; they practice and experience change which motivates them and keeps them on the journey of improving communication.

Our focus is on sharing quality feedback. People, most of the time, want to be nice, and they'll praise you with a desire to maintain a positive relationship.

However, even people you trust will give you feedback are afraid to share real-time feedback. 

We are telling candidates things that generally people won't tell them; that's really the core of what happens in that class that people find transformative.

Effective communication leaves attendees involved, satisfied, and feeling time best utilized, and they experience a sense of accomplishment.

The quality of communication is when information has been exchanged and is understood by the audience the same way it was intended. Therefore, We ensure our participants understand the context, environment, and audience to be more effective. To come up with flying colors, one should ensure s/he communicates in grammatically correct English with. 

After learning the best practices to become a more confident, authentic and compelling communicator, one gets trained to communicate under pressure, as a result of which they excel in their lives.

Don't worry. You have all the support required to improve your communication. We have your back to ensure you are following correct practices and moving towards your aim. The supportive and amicable staff understand your needs, make you feel at home, and learn quickly. 

Supportive and amicable staff.
Flexible classes.
Easy access to material.
Post your queries anytime and expect a response within 24 hours.
Learn 1-on-1 with your English teacher, introduce yourself in perfect English and speak up to 3-5 minutes of conversation within the first week?


You cannot NOT communicate. That's why effective communication is the first of the seven leadership competencies.

Communication is everywhere. We can't clearly communicate if we aren't confident in our message and confident in our ability to communicate. We admire people who seem to have it all, chatting confidently at meetings and parties. We suspect they inherited it or were plain lucky. But wait a minute, many of them are not more intelligent than you, not more educated than you, and not even better looking.

With practice self-reflection along with a little bit of guidance, we can all hone our communication skills.

Working Professionals

Working Professionals

When we think about our communication at work, we tend to focus on our presentations and meeting contributions that we know we should spend time preparing and practicing.

But if you think about it, most of our professional communication is spontaneous.

Most of us start from the wrong place when it comes to communicating. We focus on what I want to say.

This small but powerful change in perspective fundamentally shifts how we approach our communication.

Job Seekers / Scholar

Job Seekers / Scholar

English is an official language of India and is well recognized globally. Almost every company admires its potential employee for possessing efficient communication skills. If you lack English communication, you lose opportunities.

If you don't have a good command of English, you will be unable to understand the nature of work, and you will cripple your interactions and cause you and your employer no good. Therefore, if you desire to go abroad for higher studies or a job, improving your Spoken English and getting proficient in it is a must. So, you can design communication that encourages creativity that encourages people. So you can speak more confidently and naturally.

Home Maker

Home Maker

Ladies, the backbone of a family, is the first person the child admires and follows. She nourishes children with all good healthy food and teaches communication behavior to make them well-civilized members of society. Ladies who converse in English are considered to have great IQs and get more social respect. 

Ladies who cannot speak English generate an inferiority complex and feel helpless at parent-teachers meetings and social gatherings. Home-maker ladies should aspire to learn and improve their communication skills to elevate their self-esteem.





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