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"Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success." - Paul J. Meyer

You need to take care of verbal and nonverbal cues to communicate effectively. You need to understand the communication styles of others and adjust your style according to the audience, client, and leadership to sell your ideas. However intelligent, technical, or hard-working you are, the organization supports and promotes people who possess good communication in a professional environment.

What you will learn

Enhance communication substantially boosts productivity and improves business outcomes.

Facilitation Skills

Facilitation Skills

"Facilitation skills enable you to create a friendly environment, bridge the gaps between minds and bring them together to understand, learn, discover, and take the initiative in the learning environment to get to the solution and innovate" - Neeraj Nagpal

How is facilitation different than coaching and training?
How is it different than managing people, coaching, and training?
What are the roles of facilitators
How can you use it in day-to-day life?

Public Speaking

What is the second most common fear people have? No, it is not public speaking; it is death. Then what is the first most common fear people have? Yes, It is public speaking.

Why is fear of public speaking so prominent that people don't want to speak in public and take the damage? 
What holds them back?
How can we over the fear of public speaking?
What strategies, tools, and techniques can we follow to ensure we are comfortable sharing our idea with the public, so they conceive it?

"Public speaking is the knack for reaching people with vital information through which people get entertained and influenced." - Archana Nagpal

Public Speaking
Story Telling

Story Telling

If a picture is worth 1000 words, a story is worth 1000 pictures.

Stories are all around. We have been listening to stories since childhood. Every one of us has our own story (or a story in making 😊

"Storytelling is a dexterous skill that makes people visualize the event full of emotions and excitement. It is more effective to connect with others in real-time situations." - Archana Nagpal

Why are stories so significant to us?
How can we use storytelling in our business and work to sell our ideas? 
Is there any secret sauce to tell a good story?
How many types of storytelling are there?

Much More..

Master impromptu communication
Sounding like a leader
Gain/Regain Authority
Handle Difficult conversations
Listening Skills
Sounding Like a Leader


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Coming soon..


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